Friday, January 28, 2011


David Ackles on Youtube
Reviews in Dutch
NEW: Newspaper Reviews 1969-1970

David Ackles (1968)
1. Road to Cairo
2. When Love is Gone
3. Sonny Come Home
4. Blue Ribbons
5. What a Happy Day
6. Down River
7. Laissez Faire
8. Lotus Man
9. His Name Was Andrew
10. Be My Friend

Subway to the Country (1969)
1. Main Line Saloon
2. That's No Reason to Cry
3. Candy Man
4. Out on the Road
5. Cabin on the Mountain
6. Woman River
7. Inmates of the Institution
8. Subway to the Country

American Gothic (1972)
1. American Gothic
2. Love's Enough
3. Ballad of the Ship of State
4. One Night Stand
5. Oh, California!
6. Another Friday Night
7. Family Band
8. Midnight Carousel
9. Waiting for the Moving Van
10. Blues for Billy Whitecloud
11. Montana Song

Five and Dime (1973)
1. Everybody Has a Story
2. I've Been Loved
3. Jenna Saves
4. Surf's Down
5. Berry Tree
6. One Good Woman's Man
7. Run Pony Run
8. Aberfan
9. House Above the Strand
10. Photograph of You
11. Such a Woman
12. Postcards

Your Face, Your Smile
La Route รก Chicago


  1. This blog is great...practising these songs amd playing his words over in my mind is allowing me to revisit from a new angle what a great artist Ackles was.

    Thanks for finally including a transcript to midnight carousel!

    1. Thanks. Ackles deserves more fans. I'm still working on some of the songs, so if you have any requests... shoot away!

  2. This is wonderful! Thank you so much.

  3. I have two recordings of David taken from a BBC radio programme – I’m guessing from around 1969 – Another Friday Night and Billy White Cloud – don’t know which show I’m afraid. They are not excellent recordings but are very good.

    I have not seen them listed anywhere and would like to share them if they are rare. Please let me know if anyone is interested

    1. Hi Tony, I just read your comment. I would love to hear them if you could share them. I think they are actually quite rare if they are really recorded live. There's very little in the way of Ackles live recordings.

    2. Hi Tony, could perhaps leave me a message on my gmail account? Thanks!