Tuesday, January 30, 1973

Everybody Has a Story

Everybody has a story
Everybody has a tale to tell
Lies spoken, hearts broken,
Lost in Hell.
All you have to do is listen,
That's the hardest thing to do.
I promise I will try to listen to your troubles
Promise when it's my turn, so will you

Everybody has a story,
Everybody has a tale to tell.
Lost ritches, old ditches,
Rooms that smell.
Your story sounds a lot like mine,
I'd love to listen but I don't have time
It's after midnight and we've drunk the wine
You say buy a little more I 'll try a little more,
Go on and why a little more.

     Your father went to sea when you were born
     Your mother went to Bellevue and your dog died in a storm
     The only friend you had, he said you drove him mad,
     So what do you want of me, a little sympathy,
     Because life hurts you and friends desert you,
     And nobody wants to listen, nor do we.

'Cause everybody has a story,
Everybody has a tale tell.
Doom tasted, hope wasted,
Love to sell.
All you have to do is listen,
There's a nightmare coming true.
Someone's trying to shoal the edges of the nightmare
It ought to make you grateful it's not you.

Everybody has a story,
All you have to do is listen.


Thanks to Bernard Gates!


Eb l Eb


Eb l Eb l Eb l Eb Ebb7

Fm l Eb l Bb (bb-bnat)

Cm l Cm l Cm l Cm

Fm/c l G#m/b l Bb l Cm/bb Bb


G l G l G l F aug/b

Db l C l Bb l Bb l Fm/ab l Fm/ab

Eb/g l Ab6 l Bb l Bb


Eb l Eb l Fm/c l Cm

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