Monday, January 24, 1972

Family Band

I remember the songs
We sang Sunday evening,
In a white church in a green time,
When faith was strong.

When my dad played the bass
And mum played the drums
And I played the piano,
And Jesus sang the song.

     Now those small town days have come and gone,
     And sometimes my faith grows weak.
     Ah but still every time I hear those songs,
     I hear my old friend Jesus speak

And I will cherish the faith
In the songs we knew then,
Till we all sing together
Till we all sing together
Till we sing them together again


The piano intro is in Eb and 4/4, the rest of the song in F and 3/4. For guitar players I would suggest dropping the intro and playing it either in the original key of F or with a capo on the fifth fret and the following chords:


C | G/b | Am | C/g
F | Dsus2 | G | G
C | G/b | Am | C/g
F | G | F (f-e-d-c) |C (c-b-a-g)

G| F | G | G (g-a-b-c)
C | F | C | E
Am | C/g | F | F
D | D | G | G (g-a-b-c)

C | G/b | Am | C/g
F | G | C (c/b/bb/a) | A7
Dm | G | F (f-e-d-c) | C (c-b-a-g)


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