Thursday, January 27, 1972

One Night Stand

Well good morning,
How you doing honey?
I’ve got to tell you,
I never met a girl so funny,
I wish it wasn’t a one night stand.

You know you’re quite a girl,
You sure are pretty;
With just you in it,
This is one fine city.
I wish it wasn’t a one night stand.

     But I’ve got to be in Buffalo by eight a clock tonight,
     Playing in some two-bit dive,
     Selling little bits of my soul for eighty bucks a week;
     Ah hell it keeps the rest of me alive.

But I’d sure like to stay
And get to know you better
I’d say I’ll write
But you’d never get a letter.
I wish it wasn’t a one night stand.

     Hey, why don’t you take off work and let’s go for a ride,
     Some place special just for us.
     We could take along a pick-nick and find a place to hide.
     Yeah, I know, I’ve got to catch a bus.

Well, it’s sure been nice,
I might even miss you.
Hey, what’s your name?
Come here, I’m gonna kiss you.
I wish it wasn’t a one night stand.




Dsus2-D | Dmaj7-D
Csus2-C | Cmaj7-C
Asus4-A | Gsus4-G | D


F | Dsus2
F (sus2)| Asus4-A

Fingerpicking verse arrangement:

Chords as played:


Ebsus2-Eb | Ebmaj7-Eb |
Dbsus2-Db | Dbmaj7-Db
Bbsus4-Bb | Absus4-Ab | Eb


F# | Dbsus2
F# | Bbsus4-Bb

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