Thursday, January 25, 1973

One Good Woman's Man

This night I'll remember for as long as I can.
This night I was one good woman's man.
I was one good woman's man.

When I said I love you, why do you roll away?
You cried and told me that you could not stay,
And I knew you had no place to stay.

I found a postcard left unsend on the floor.
Unsigned, it says, 'Matthew, all my love and more.'
It says, 'Matthew, all my love and more.'

I guess you're travelling and I guess you're alright.
I hope someone keeps you warm this night.
And I wish I'd been Matthew just this night.

This is in Eb again, one of David's favorite keys. It's perhaps best playable on guitar in D with a capo on the first fret. The dominant piano figure begins as a simple sus2 riff, D-E-F# and modulates to D-F#-G and various other variations. This basic harmonic structure is something like this (with a capo on I):

D | D |G | G
Em | Em | Em | A | A
D G-D/f# | Em-Em7 | A | A |
G-D/f# | Em7-A | D | D

The piano part below is not a note-for-note transcription, but it should give a general idea of what he is playing. I have added the hauntingly beautiful vocal melody; the oboe and acoustic guitar play mostly variations of this.

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