Sunday, January 28, 1973

Jenna Saves

When Jenna Pearl was ten,
Her daddy told her never again never again, never again.
Will Jenna want for anything,
Uncle George died and left her, left her his brass ring.

'Now you can make the neighbours play the fool
Even send yourself to boarding school.
Buy a chauffeur-driven limousine.
But don't forget your daddy's queen.'

     But Jenna Pearl was noone's girl, she knew even then,
     She said, 'How nice, but your advice, I'll never need again.
     But you can call me anytime, here's a dime.'

When Jenna Pearl was grown,
Guido found her living alone, living alone, living alone.
He said ignore my threadbare clothes,
I'm a man and what I can give, what I can give, a woman knows

I can give you love and love again,
A husband with the strength of ten.
You wanna buy a car and clothes for me,
'Cause what you get is what you see.

     But Jenna Pearl was noone's girl, she understood the score
     She said, 'Poor thing, we live in sin, all love and nothing more.'
     She said, 'You don't like that? Well here's your hat.'

When Jenna Pearl was old, her favourite friends were
Buckets of gold, barrels of gold, all of her gold.
Her doctor told her, 'You won't last,
And everyone goes, and everyone knows you're going fast

Why don't you give it all to charity,
Except a little bag for me.
You'll never live to spend it anyway
So don't forget the AMA.

     But Jenna Pearl was a mean old girl, she kept her golden hoard.
     Then on the day she died she often cried, 'I leave it to the lord,'
     And now she rides a golden horse in Hell of course.


Under construction!

With thanks to Dan Ashton. Capo on IV.


Am | Am | D7 | D7 |Am | Am
Am | Am | D7 | D7 |Am | Am
Bm | Bm | E7 | Cb7


F# | B/ab | Bsus4 | B/ab
F# | B/ab | E7 | - 

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