Saturday, January 29, 1972

Love's Enough

Every time you fall in love,
That’s the best time of all.
It’s holding sunshine in your hands,
It’s heaven come to call.
And you wonder, will it last forever?
And you try to keep tomorrow locked away.
‘Cause tomorrow is forever,
And love’s enough for anyone today.

Every time you fall in love,
That’s the only time it’s real.
And that girl is the only girl,
Who shares the way you feel
And you wonder how you lived without her,
And you tell yourself she’ll never go away.
‘Cause without her there’s no living,
And love’s enough for anyone today.

     Love’s enough
     To find your heart and lose it,
     To see the doubt and choose it
     Over knowing how or when.
     Love’s enough,
     To know if she’d refuse it
     You’d take what’s left and try your luck again

‘Cause every time you fall in love,
That’s the one and only time.
It’s living through the final verse
Of a wan and lonely rhyme
‘Cause you know this one will last forever,
And you turn and watch tomorrow drift away.
‘Cause tomorrow is forever,
 And love’s enough for anyone today.


For guitar players, I would suggest playing it either in C with a capo on the third fret or in D with a capo in the first fret. The cover by Dutch singer Ricky Koole is in C, but with a capo on I. When I write a 9 chord, by the way, it mostly means simply: add the 2nd (e.g., an F with a g in it).

In C (as in the Ricky Koole version):

Bb9       F9/a
x            x
1            1
0            0
3 (or 2)  3
1            0
x             x


C | Bb9 | F9/a | C(-G7)
C | Bb9 | F9/a | C
F | C | D7sus4 | G7sus4
C | Bb9 | F-G | C


Am | Am/g# | Am/g | D9/f# | 
D9/f | C | D9 | G7sus4

In D:

C9    G9/b
0        3 (or x)
3        3
2        2
0        0
3        2
x        x


D | C9 | G9/b | D(-A7)
D | C9 | G9/b | D
G | D | E7sus4 | A7sus4
D | C9 | G-A | D


Bm | Bm/a# | Bm/a | E9/g# | 
E9/f | D | E9 | A7sus4

Chords as played on the record:


Eb | Db9 | Ab9/c | Eb-Bb7
Eb | Db9 | Ab9/c | Eb
Ab | Eb | F7sus4 | Bb7sus4
Eb | Db9 | Ab - Bb | Eb


Cm | Cm/b# | Cm/bb | F9/a |
F9/ab | Eb | F9 | Bb7sus4

Intro for guitar

Some of the notes have been left out to accomodate the conversion to guitar. Capo on the first fret again.


Intro for piano

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