Thursday, January 28, 1971

Candy Man

Oscar saved his money when he came home from the war.
Traded in his good left hand for payment on a store.
He said 'I'm just as good as new, who needs more hands than one?'
The old man stood when he walked through, and proudly called him son.

    Oscar bought a candy store in the nicest part of town,
     They called him the one-armed candy man, the crippled clown.
     And he wore their laughing licorice crown, calling 'come on down.'

Oscar laughed and waited, the loving patient man.
See the children trusting him; they do not know his plan.
He takes their copper pennies, he gives them extra treats,
Hiding little picture books in every bag of sweets.

     Last week a girl came crying home, 'Look what I found today
     I got it from the candy man, who's giving them away.'
     His mother said, 'Love is not that way, dear God he'll pay.'

When the parents came for Oscar, he said, 'I'm not ashamed,
I took their minds as payment due, the healthy for the maimed.'
The day he went to prison, he called 'Now do you see?
I only did to some of you what you all did to me.

     Oh no, I'm not the candy man; my injuries are few,
     But the world that made me what I am must owe me something too,
     And I only want what is my rightful due, from you and you.'

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