Friday, January 21, 1972

Blues for Billy Whitecloud

Billy Whitecloud works for peanuts.
Give him peanuts, he goes wild.
Sweeps the market, keeps the sweepings,
Takes them home to his wife and child.
Hey Billy, don't be blue,
Lots of richer people envy you.

Billy Whitecloud went to high school
Learned to read and write real good.
Then he left the reservation
To find a job. He knew he would.

     He went to the city
     Where the people are nice.
     They sent him around to the backdoor
     And they gave him advice.
     They told him, 'No, Billy. No, no,
     You gotta go slow, Billy, slow. slow
     You know we like you fine,
     But if you step out of line,
     You beter go, go Billy Go, go.'

Billy Whitecloud took to drinking,
Spent his cash on low-grade rye.
Can't afford to buy a blanket.
He don't like it but he don't cry.
Hey Billy, don't be sad,
For an Indian it not so bad.

Billy Whitecloud, last December,
Went and made a first-class bomb.
Bombed the high-school. When we found him,
He was dancing on his tom-tom.
Hey Billy, don't be sore,
What you wanna go and do that,
Do that, do that, do that for?'

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