Wednesday, January 21, 1970

Be My Friend

This world's a lonely place to walk around in.
This world's a pace where life is hard to spend.
But we can help each other live.
Everyone can give
The simple gift,
The words that lift:
Be my friend.

Some days you wake up feeling nothing but fear.
Some days you wonder why God put you here.
Then all at once there comes a word.
What was that you heard?
Why someone said,
From Gilead,
Be my friend.

This life may not bring much of comfort to you.
This world may lose its touch of kindness too.
And who's to blame?
Why can't you see?
Only you and me.
So if I may,
I'd like to say
Be my friend.


C | F | C | F
C | Em | Asus4 | A
Dm | G | Dm | G
Am | F | C


  1. One of te most beautiful songs eer writen

    1. I agree, it's wonderful. There's also a great single version with a beautiful string arrangement

    2. Where can I find that?

    3. It was one of five bonus tracks on the re-issue of the debut album that was released in the beginning of this year. I'm not sure whether it's still available somewhere.

  2. Beautiful lyrics. We've all been there.

  3. Such a lovely song! So very moving. Thank you David.