Friday, January 22, 1971

Woman River

River, flowing deep,
Lull me to sleep
On the river bank.
Tell me a story,
Whispering weed,
Woman river.

River, flowing wide,
Roll, roll by my side,
On the river bank.
That devil water,
Wide and free,
How like a woman to me.

     Sometimes it's winter,
     And you're covered with snow.
     But one think, come spring,
     You're going to break up and go.

River, rushing wild,
Is nature's child
On the river bank?
If I go in swimming,
Will you take me to sea?
How like a woman to me.

     Sometimes it's summer,
     And you slow down to a crawl.
     Is it so, 'cause you know,
     You're heading for a fall?

River, flowing past,
Hey, don't you move so fast
By the river bank.
You don't have to drown me,
Just water my tree.
How like a woman to me.

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